diy washing machine
Perfect size for the top of your washing machine!

How annoying is it when you starting sewing, you come to a point where you have to iron, so you have to go down stairs to iron then back upstairs to sew. The down, up, down, up all day long! My craft room is too small to move the iron board up when I’m sewing. So I made myself a ironing board, it fits nicely on top of my washing machine so perfect for the quick ironing job without lugging out the big ironing board! WIN WIN :-) and perfect for sewing days, it can sit on the floor or on the ground.

What you will need for my DIY iron board
Piece of wood or chipboard cut to your desired size
Wadding, scrap pieces are fine as long as they cover the wood.
Think woven fabric eg drill
Staple gun
Spray glue/ glue gun

DIY Ironing board
Board, glue, wadding and fabric of choice!

1. Cut wadding to size of wood, plus approx an inch over each size, to fold over the edge. Depending on how thick you would like the ironing board. I used two layers. If using scraps just make sure that the wadding is nice and even.

2. Glue wadding to the board.

ironing board
DIY Ironing board

3. Once glue is dry and wadding is stuck, lay fabric out flat. Facing down.

DIY Ironing board
Inch of wadding extra on each side

4. Place the wood, wadding side down onto fabric.
5. Fold fabric up onto wood, turning raw edges under. Staple one side.
6. Repeat to following sides, making sure that the fabric taught. On adjacent sides, turn the fabric in creating a triangle edge.
DIY Ironing board
Fold excess fabric inward to create neat back and edge

7. Fold edges under to create neat appearance on the back, and so the board sits flat.
DIY Ironing Board
Finished back, with staple gun

8. Done! Enjoy not having to get the big iron board out every day!

DIY Ironing board- finished
Finished front

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