So, we are back from our amazing adventure across the USA. But this time I got a little bit home sick, around Christmas. That quickly evaporated when I remembered I was in NYC! Still not a white Christmas, but on Boxing Day we walked around Central Park and it started to snow, so still pretty amazing time of year to be in the big apple! Anyway, while we were nearly the last people to celebrate the new year, so while everyone was putting up their New Years resolutions online I was still not quite thinking about it! But since we have gotten home and I have done 5 of my 10 loads of washing I have started thinking about 2014. 2013 was a great year for us, and I am incredibly blessed with everyone I have in my life, so how could I make 2014 better? Tough question! My only thought is to focus on what I have already and not what I want or need. So not only my relationships but also material possessions, mainly my (some my say -out of control) fabric collection. I am truly my mothers daughter in this respect! Fabric everywhere, sewing room, spare bedroom, under my desk, currently on my bed, everywhere!



And so, 2014 I hope I will be able to sew a lot more, and start to use up some of my fabric. As it is is so easy to get so caught up and focus what you want instead of what your already have! Hopefully without it being something too overwhelming I can at least stick to it this resolution, and if I get off track it is easy to get back on! What was your New Years resolution? Was it as easy to keep as mine?

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