Just to start – this is NOT a sponsored post all 100% my opinion! I truly do just love Bloglovin’ because I’m a massive nerd!

Are you sick of trying to remember which blogs you like, but you don’t want to sign up for their emails because your inbox is already overflowing with Myer and scoopon promos??? ENTER –
Bloglovin’ here it is a site that you go to and set up an account. Once you have done that you start to select blogs that you like. For example you would search “Mona and Olive” and press the little + to follow. Then you get an email each day with new blog posts from all your blogs you like. So if you follow 800 blogs you get 1 email, 1!!!

Amazing, and once you choose a couple of blogs they also give you recommendations so you can discover new blogs. Awesome.

Once you have it all set up you can also get the app and when you have 20 mins waiting for the doctor, whip it out and catch up on all you favourite blogs together! Told you it was amazing!

I know there is a couple of sites like this but I use bloglovin’ and I really like it. Easy to set up and easy to understand and I don’t have to remember blog names!
Here is my favourite blogs to get you started!

Mona and Olive
House of Rose
The Design files
A beautiful mess
Sew Delicious
The Organised housewife
A Pair and a Spare

What is a blog your loving at the moment??? Please share, now that my favourite blogs are organised I’m like obsessed with new blogs


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