spinach cobb dip recipe
Spinach Cobb Dip Recipe

Spinach and ricotta Cobb dip is always a party favourite! Easy and can be part prepared the night before it’s a crowd favourite and filler.

500g spinach
300g sour cream
250 g ricotta cheese
Spring vegetable dry soup mix
1/4 grated cheese
Cob loaf of bread

1. Bring spinach to room temperature (either defrost frozen or cook fresh spinach and allow to cool)
2. Mix in sour cream, ricotta and soup mix.
If you are serving later, cover at this stage and put in the frigde – once ready to serve drain off any liquid before next step.

Spinach cobb loaf dip
Spinach, ricotta, sour cream and soup mix, mixed together.

3. Cut 3-4 cm off the top of the Cobb loaf, scoop out a little of the bread, but be careful not to go down through the bottom.

Spinach Cobb Loaf Dip
Cut open bread and hollow out the loaf

4. Stuff bread with dip mix, sprinkle grated cheese on top.

spinach dip recipe
Spinach dip with cheese before putting it in the oven

5. Replace bread lid, wrap in alfoil.
6. Place in 160 c oven for 7-10 mins, enjoy straight away!

Spinach dip recipe
Spinach Dip Recipe

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