I know I’m a little late on the New Year’s Resolutions but I’ve been thinking long and hard.  For a while now I have been thinking about giving up sewing – I know that sounds drastic given that I am a sewing teacher.  But I mean I would still teach just give up on the sewing for myself and for Mona and Olive.  For quite a while I just haven’t been feeling it, so I thought that was decided… Until I looked at all my fabric.  If I stopped sewing what would I do with all that fabric – 5, 80 ltr tubs of fabric… I sorted through it, what I thought my mum would use I gave to my mum, that was about 5 pieces.  My mum and I have VERY different taste!     So then I gave my Mother In Law a couple of pieces because she wanted to practice and slowly get back into it, so another 5 pieces gone.

Leaving me with 4 3/4 boxes… Of fabric that I really liked!  So I have decided to sew it all!! So then I though all was a big ask for 2015 so I want to get down to 2 boxes at the end of 2015.  2 boxes!  Some I may donate to school but the rest I have to sew!

So then CJ decided that he would build me a desk and do up the study – maybe that was the reason I didn’t want to sew was the room!  (my new sewing room/office is a lot smaller than my old one so it gets very crowded very easily.) So we brought a 16 cube shelf from ikea and  CJ has built new a beautiful new trestle table for a desk and I’m hoping my mojo will return!

So i guess my resolution of 2014 not to buy fabric is helpful for my 2015 resolution to reduce my fabric stash by half! So be prepared for a ton of “look what i made today posts!”

My other 2015 resolution is to drink 1 ltr of water every morning before I drink anything else.  Any by anything else I mean Coke! For those who have ever met me – generally it will be with a coke in my hand.  I am an addict by the very sense of the world – if it’s in the house it will be drunk!  In the past i had been a 2 ltr a day drinker but at the moment I’m down to 1 or 2 a day, generally one in the morning and one at lunch.  So now I’m older and wiser i have decided that coke first thing in the morning can’t be good for me! (clever aren’t I!) I doubt i will be able to completely give up and as I don’t drink alcohol or coffee/tea I’m OK with that. But I started this 1 ltr of water before coke about Christmas and so far so good!!!

Did you make any resolutions? Or have you failed previously???  I would love to know

madonna xx

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