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So I don’t want to be too boastful but CJ and I have already checked that off our list. We saw lots and lots of this

southern QLD
Somewhere in Southern QLD
South queensland
Somewhere in the middle of Northern NSW

And some of this…

The Big Apple

It was not magical exciting fun and probably not a trip we will take again or talk about or pine over. But it was a very exciting trip for one main reason!

We picked up Penny the Beagle our new puppy!

Penny the Beagle
Penny on her way home

She is quite the country puppy, hence the long drive, when we got there Stacy (the breeder) yells out ‘baby beagles’ and all these beautiful puppies ran from no where to greet us. So after a VERY long 9 hours drive home (with lots of puppy stops), we let her out into her new home.

All the new things for a puppy to discover – weird flat rocks (pavers), clear barriers everywhere (our glass pool fence that she walked into repeatedly – don’t worry she is absolutely fine!) and giant clear dam (pool).

Penny the Beagle
Penny with her new chew toy after she demolished the plant, and filled Cam’s shoes with soil!

CJ decided that since she was an outside dog she will stay that way…. Until 7:15pm and the sun went down and so he brought her and her 2 beds inside. I went to bed about 9, and Cam (who will not let the puppy get the better of him!) slept on the couch just in case Penny needed anything!

One wee inside on the floor about midnight and Cam thought she had the sleeping thing worked out and moved her outside, where he and she stayed until 5 am. Then Cam moved his bed to the sun lounge outside and she played happily! Talk about not letting puppy get the better of you! Go Cam… You nailed it haha

But before I laugh too hard I have spent most of my day with Penny sleeping on my feet or thinking my new polished toenails are her own moving chew toys! I did make break for it and went to the shops for some dog shampoo, 3 chew toys and a puppy collar. She hated the bath and jumped into my arms wet, only likes one of her chew toys and has already chewed off her new collar! So I’m not much of a winner either.

Penny enjoying her new backyard

And tonight is my turn at Penny Patrol! Looking forward to it – do you have any puppy handling tips???

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