As part of my trying to use up my fabric stash, i made these cute baby burp cloths for a friend’s baby shower I went to today. These are an easy and quick project for a beginning sewer, and also use up any extra scraps of fabric laying around.  You can make them any size you like, i made these a nice long length.


–  Patterned cotton/polyester fabric 60 x 22 cms

– Towelling fabric or fleece 60 x 22 cms (something absorbent)

– 170 cms bias binding in a matching colour.

All my fabrics were pre washed so that they were ready to use when baby comes!


1. With wrong sides together  pin both the fabric and towelling together.

burp cloth instructions
Pin together both layers of fabric


2. Overlock the sides together,  if you don’t have an overlocker a tight zig zag would be suitable.

Overlocked all edges
Overlocked all edges

3. Pin the bias binding around the edge and sew (straight stitch) close to the inside edge of the binding.  Being careful that you catch the binding on both sides.

4. Enjoy your work!

Finished with bias binding
Finished with bias binding

*If you are in a rush or need a ton of these, skip the bias binding.  The binding is a nice touch but without it the clothes still work perfectly well!

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