Yesterday afternoon I had a bad case of serious grumpy pants, serious.  There wasn’t one thing in particular that got me bothered it was a general case of “I have the shits with the world”  for no real good reason – and I knew it.  I was tired, cold, had a sore belly and just plain grumpy, and I really want to go to Vegas in our winter holidays to sit in the sun but that looks like a far off dream at the moment.  So just GRUMPYYYYY.  Then there was an accident on the highway so CJ was an hour later getting home.

So you can imagine how I was feeling by the time poor CJ came home!

Anyway we ate dinner straight away and in an effort for me not to inflict poor CJ with my grumpy’s I had a very long bath.  In that bath I also had a bowl of maltesers, so that helped ease the imaginary pain.  I then had a long had think to myself in the bath… I am very lucky, i have a baby in my belly (in case you haven’t heard :-)) and lovely husband and a job that pays the bills and sometimes I don’t hate.  So you know LUCKY…

So I stalked inspirational pinterest quotes to lift my spirits and it worked, somewhat.  This is what I found

Roald Dahl Quote
Life enthusiast quote

So I decided to become a Life Enthusiast, sometimes it is the small things that work for me. This helped, but by bed time my emotions had got the better of me. CJ tried to make me laugh, but someone had just died on the TV in a movie so that pushed my hormonal pregnant self over the edge – I then cried and laughed simultaneously for about 20 minutes.  That act of weirdness then pushed me over the edge of how funny it was and I went to sleep happy and content.

It worked for me this time but at this time of year I get grumpy pretty easily – I am not a winter lover…  So any tips of how you get rid of the grumps? I would love to know!

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