Milk supply, isn’t something that you really think about until it’s a problem.  For me it was a massive problem – as in it was non existent!  Unfortunately mostly you either have way too much or not enough! I really struggled mentally as I wasn’t prepared for it and I felt really guilty for not being able to supply my baby with what he needed.  He was losing weight, didn’t have any wet nappies and had a temperature.  Luckily I was still in hospital when all of this went down and I had a Lactation Consultant with me every step of the way along with a very supportive husband!  So here are 3 things that I have found to work well and I have done a ton of research, spoken to everyone I could & researched the hell out of – so this is what worked for me!!!

3 ways you can build lactation
3 way that you can help improve your milk supply.
  1. Galactogogues! Funny name but it basically means a substance that helps milk supply!  Exactly what you want – the 2 that are most highly recommended are fenugreek and milk thistle.  My naturopath and LC both recommended Fenugreek over anything else – I took this in combination with Milk Thistle.  Fenugreek I was taking 4 tablets 3 times a day (12 total) but the difference is remarkable.  I was pumping 2 ml at hospital (both sides combined 4 days PP) and after about a week at home it was up to 60 ml combined (after feeding).  If we have another child I will actually pack this in my bag for the hospital next time! Other galactogogues include oats and brewers yeast – both which I’ll talk about in my next point.  If you are interested in other Galactogogues I found this article helpful Common Galactogogues.

    Fenugreek and Milk Thistle – great for building milk supply
  2. Lactation Cookies – I used the recipe at Just Mommies you can get it here.  I added an egg to the mix because I like eggs! but it is not necessary. The oats and the brewers yeast are both galactogogues so be sure not to leave them out or substitute them.  I used just regular rolled oats from Coles but I bought the Brewers yeast from the health food section in our local chemist (FYI – it is not nutritional yeast).  If cookies aren’t your thing there a ton of smoothies & bliss balls on Pinterest. Follow me here.

    Lactation Cookies
    Lactation Cookies
  3. Motilium – I add this as a last resort as it is a prescription drug which is found to boost milk supply.  I was prescribed this by my obstetrician and I do think it worked however if I was to do it again i would take the more natural steps of 1 & 2 before I took Motilium. (but that is person preference.

Is there any that I missed or that you found works really well? Let me know so I can add it to the list!

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