If you are lucky like me, you might get a baby that doesn’t sleep! To be fair – Paddy did sleep at night – just not during the day. Which was good for my evening sleep, but not so great for getting anything done during the day.  So here is the routine that worked for us, we fell into this and tweaked it until it worked for all of us.  You can see that this routine was from 6 weeks – before that we winged it a little and as I said we ‘fell’ into this.  It took us a couple of days to realise Paddy wanted to be fed all afternoon/night and wasn’t that fussed during the day – so thats what we went with.

Baby routine for 6 - 12 week baby that doesn't like to sleep

4-5am – Feed (depend what time he woke up)

5-9am – Sleep

9-9:30 – Feed

9:30-1pm – Awake/Play

1-2pm Feed

2-4pm Awake/Play

4-4:30pm Feed

4:30 – 5 Bath

5 – 5:30pm Tummy Time and Story

5:30 – 6pm Swing

6 – 6:30pm Feed

6:30 – 8pm Quite Time

8 – 8:30pm Feed

9pm  Sleep

As you can see, we fed more often in the afternoons – this was baby led and help him sleep through the night with only 1 wake up at 4am.  He would often have a 1 x 20 min sleep during the day, only one nap would make him a little bit grumpy during the day.  We were lent a swing – this was a life saver.  We found that even if he didn’t sleep the swing (which also vibrated) made him relax to the point that he would have a cat nap (20 mins max) or relax so much he was rested and wouldn’t be grumpy.  At this age he only would sleep in his swing or in our arms so the swing was our savour, as soon as we put him down he would lose his mind.

We were pretty stressed about the not sleeping thing – we went to the Pediatrician but he told us that he found “smart ones normally didn’t sleep.”  Haha good one – I’m 100% sure he said that to all new mothers and changed it to be a sleeper or a non sleeper just to make us feel better!  But if you are lucky enough to get a non-sleeper like me then know you are not alone!


Here are some of the things that I did find to help him to have a nap

  • Vacuum cleaner (apparently sounds like the womb) Paddy would sleep so much longer when I was vacuuming and I would literally vacuum around him. Sometimes i would vacuum the house twice just to get him to sleep longer that 20 mins.
  • The swing – the only thing at the beginning that worked besides holding him.  Also handy if you have vibrate on your swing – amazing for babies with wind.
  • Muslin Wrap – Paddy has hated being swaddled since about 2 weeks old so we use sleeping bags at night.  But he is also a hot sleeper (would get super sweaty) so I didn’t like to put him in his sleeping bag during the day, but I found a light wrap over his legs does the trick – I don’t know why but he sleeps much longer with a wrap draped on him.  I understand this is a SIDs risk and so I only ever did it when he was being totally supervised but it helped.  I think he likes to touch and grasp something?
  • A dummy.  I’m not a massive dummy fan but a dummy is very helpful when the are grumpy from being over tired.  The sucking motion really relaxed him.

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