Having a baby is such a exciting time, but having these couple of things done before the big arrival will make it all that little bit easier!

things to do before your baby arrives
things to do before your baby arrives
  1. Make some frozen dinners!  I was very smug and thought that we would have this sorted.  CJ had 5 weeks off so between us definitely would get dinner sorted.  But between the dog not sure of this new ‘thing’, the feeding, guests, endless washing, nappies, no schedule and a new human – it’s hectic.  So make some extra food.  I did make 6 lasagnes and froze them in foil containers (so there was no dinner) and we loved them! So easy and homemade.  I also made cookies and froze the dough, brownies in the same disposable foil containers for the snacks.  YOU NEED ALL THE SNACKS!  If you are giving breast feeding a go you will need snacks!
  2. Washing the baby clothes.  Wash them in something nice and gentle for the babies skin.  I used softly liquid as I didn’t want to have to dissolve flakes first because we have a front loader and it smelt amazing. Also don’t be afraid to let people do the washing for you.  My mum kept asking if she could do it, it kept saying no.  But why? I was tired towards the end and I washed all the adorable outfits and let mum have the boring wraps and sheets.
  3. Packing bags – both yours and the babies.  I went into hospital with labor pains at 35 weeks.  It was a bit of a scramble to throw stuff in a bag.  Luckily for me they only kept me for 6 hours and let me go home because the pains had stopped. The next day I packed our bags! HA don’t wait! Don’t forget the snacks! Not just lollies, crackers, muesli bars, nuts are all good ideas.
  4. Have your thank you cards sorted – if possible send out your thank you cards for your baby shower.  This is something I didn’t do and 5 months later still haven’t completed it!  Get you baby shower thank you cards out and then it’s done.  You’re not worrying about it with a newborn. When people give you a gift when the baby arrives keep a list.
  5. Pick your photographer if you are going to have one before your due date! You may want to meet with them and explain what your vision is and to see if they can fit you in your approximate dates. You may also need to ask if you need to supply some of the props or they supply everything.
  6. Have your car seat fitted.  Most baby stores fit car seat even if they haven’t been bought from them.  But check your local auto stores and ambulance station as well. I would get your car seat installed around 35/36 weeks.
  7. Some new “after”clothes.  I didn’t do this until 2 weeks after I had Paddy.  I went to K Mart and bought a couple of pairs of shorts and a couple of tops.  CJ calls it my mum uniform – and I guess it is.  Its easy to throw on – no ironing and comfy.  Just what you need in the first couple of weeks when you are at home more than usual, or have visitors and not your daggiest clothes so you can still get a coffee or run to the shops and feel comfortable.  5 months later and I still wear my mum uniform when I’m at home because there is no thought required!
  8. Do a dry run to the hospital.  Most maternity wards offer tours, so you know how long it will take to get there, where to park, what ward to go to etc.

LATE ADDITION – One thing I wish I did but didn’t have the money.  I wish I got the house properly cleaned.  Towards the end of my pregnancy I didn’t clean, CJ did everything but I wish I paid for a deep clean of the house, ovens, base boards etc.

Good luck to you and your upcoming baby! I hope you get everything organised before your baby arrives!

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