Hi I’m Madonna

Hi my name is Madonna!  I was born and raised on the sunny Gold Coast on the QLD/NSW border.  Where I still live with my amazing husband CJ!  I am a Home Economics teacher by day and a sewer/crafter/wifey by night 😉  CJ and I love to travel and we do what we can on our tiny traveling budget every year!

On my blog you will find a mix of everything I love – a little bit of sewing, craft, DIY, cooking and a lot of ME!  I love sewing and DIY but am not very good at the latter…  I try to be green in almost everything I do and I LOVE op shopping and anything old.

Cam and Madonna
Cameron and I

I aspire to be the Australian Martha Stewart! Haha, a girl can dream.  If you would like, drop me a line – I would love to hear from you!

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