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Plain Wrapping Paper – 3 ways

Washi Tape wrapping paper

Today I experimented with wrapping in plain paper – just in time for christmas!  So go from plain paper to something pretty and specialised in seconds!

So today I have for you plain wrapping paper – 3 WAYS! All you need is plain paper like brown kraft paper or butchers paper.  And however you are going to decorate the paper

– waterpaints

– washi tape

– stamps

supplies for decorating wrapping paper
Supplies for decorating wrapping paper

I bought my paper and washi tape from K-Mart. And the waterpaints, crayons, and stamps from Big W.

1. Stamps.

This one is great – easy, relatively mess free and would be good with kids.

So you just need to work out how big the gift will be wrapped and stamp out a design that will fit – I did it in the middle of the paper. EASY!  From memory these stamps were $10, so I think that’s a good deal for the heaps of projects you could do with these!

I stamped these once the present was wrapped but I think before or after would be fine!

I wiped down these with damp paper towel after use.

Stamped wrapping paper
Ready to stamp
stamped wrapping paper
Finished – Stamped wrapping paper

2. Watercolours.

I LOVE this one! If you take yourself back to kindy you might remember this one – it is always a hit at playgroup. It has just grown up a little.

First you need to write your message in crayon – I chose white, because it makes it neat but it’s entirely up to you. “Merry Christmas” Happy Birthday” “Be my Valentine” whatever takes your fancy – the best thing is you can personalise so no gift tag required!  Make sure you estimate the size of the gift before you start getting creative – so you know the size of the area to work on and your wrapped present looks well placed, once finished!

watercolour wrapping paper
Watercolour equipment

Then in your watercolour paint – add water to your brush and mix. Paint over your secret message. Just a tip make sure you have added a good amount of water so you get good coverage. – Would be great done with the kids for personalised wrapping paper!  Dark coloured paints work best as you can see with the pale pink isn’t as affective as the darker blues and greens.

watercolour wrapping paper
Watercolour wrapping paper – revealing the secret message


3. Washi Tape.

Probably the cleanest out of the three options! But takes a little bit more vision of how you want the end result to look like.  You can spell out words or make designs – what ever you like but once the tape is down on Kraft paper is pretty much there – so just have plan going first!  Washi Tape is pretty and it does stick but in my experience if you are using a thick wrapping paper – it is not a substitute for sticky tape.  This I did after the present was wrapped but I don’t think it would matter if you did it before or after.

Washi Tape wrapping paper
Washi Tape Christmas Tree

Hope you have fun experimenting with your wrapping! xx




Rocky Road Recipe
Rocky Road Recipe
Rocky Road Recipe

This Rocky Road is the best thing I have ever tasted! Rocky Road is always a hit in our family, but for Easter Sunday dessert this year I made it with a twist so that all the kids could eat it, even my anaphylactic niece Phoebe could enjoy it too! By leaving our the nuts, you need a crunch factor which is where I added the rice bubbles. Instead of turkish delight, lolly snakes – truly amazing. It was a clean plate at the end – even the crumbs were eaten which considering it was Easter it proves how good this Rocky Road is.. This Rocky Road is for every choc-oholic! From my 67 year old Dad to my 2 year old niece everyone wanted more – my Dad even asked for the recipe :-)

Rocky Road
Kid Friendly Rocky Road

500 g cooking chocolate
200 g snakes (chopped into 1cm pieces)
100 g marsh mellows (I brought mini’s so I didn’t need to cut them up)
1 cup rice bubbles

1. Melt 100g chocolate – spread a very thin layer onto bottom of the baking tray
2. Melt 300g chocolate – mix in snakes, marsh mellows and rice bubbles – layer on top of the baking tray chocolate.
3. Melt final 100g of chocolate and drizzle on top to join together.
4. Refrigerate for at least an hour.
5. Chop into rough pieces.
6. Enjoy!

rocky road
Baking Tray full of Rocky Road
rocky road
Close up of the delicious rocky road
Rocky Road
Plate full of Rocky Road – ready to be eaten!

TIP – If you are worried about burning your chocolate, I microwave it in 30 second goes, but you can also add 1 dessert spoon of coconut oil to make it easier to work with!

10 non-chocolate Easter gifts


Stuck for Easter gifts that aren’t chocolate? It’s tough! Slippers and scarves are my normally very boring ideas! But this Easter I have put together a list that hopefully has something for everyone!

1.These play dough carrots are that cute and easy you could make these as class mate gifts or in a range of different colours for a little one! Check them out made to be a momma


2. How wouldn’t love these bunny ears! I would, even at umm 31! Easy to make and the perfect diy project for Easter!

Head over to the house that Lars built


3. Bunny Money! Cute, easy and suits pretty much everyone! The clever people at crafty journal have you covered!


4. Bunny tails! A cute jar full of fairy floss with a free printable label! Cute! Thank you lilluna


5. This cute library bag is a multi functional drawstring bag for all your needs, pop some books in it and your ready to go! Check it out on Etsy



6. The perfect gift for every little person you have ever met! Who doesn’t love dinosaur tails! Check it out at Two Little Feet’s made it store



7. How about this adorable bunny! It’s a DIY, so you will be able to personalise it to suit anyone! You can check out the template here the lovely people at eab designs have it all sorted for you!



8. Another great idea, especially if someone can’t enjoy chocolate because of allergies. These cute ideas, will keep everyone on a sugar high! Check these out here



9. The hungry bunny! Cute and practical, after Easter it is still useful! Full pattern and tutorial here



10. This awesome idea could be done to any bottles! An easy idea that would suit everyone and every drink! From chocolate milk to beer! Check them out here



I hope you have enjoyed my non-chocolate Easter presents! A little more exciting than scarves! These pictures and ideas are from the listed web sites, but they are on my list because I think they are awesome! >

Making coloured rice for craft

Last week I opened a new packet of rice, it had been in the cupboard a while, but when I opened it, there was like a spider web in the top of the packet. Weird! So like a good girl, I didn’t feed it to my husband! But I wasn’t sure what to do with the new/old packet of rice! So I poured it into a tupperware container, for a rainy day!
Today my rainy day arrived! I figured out what to do with my perfectly looking rice, that came from a weird looking packet! I decided to dye it!

Dyed rice, we use it at school all the time, for collage and for sensory activities. I had never thought about it until one of my students asked if she could make it, I let her go for it, and her results were awesome! As easy as dying pasta, but a lot shorter drying time. So being the geek that I am, I used my holidays to make resources for school! Just like every other teacher on the planet!

How to make coloured rice

First you will need,
A Chinese takeaway container (disposable plastic) with lid
A spoon
Food colouring
Baking trays (the same number as colours of colouring)
Equipment for Dyeing Rice

In the plastic container add, 2 capfuls of food colouring. More or less depending on how bright the colours you want. And one capful of water, you can alter these quantities to reflect how bright or how much food colouring you have to use. But you don’t want to have a lot of liquid.
Dye and water mix

In the container add the rice, I split a 1kg bag of rice into 4 colours so 250g each time. Place the lid on the container and slide the rice around and up and down until totally coated in colour.
White rice in dye solution
You want to use as much colour as possible, if you have extra liquid pour it out.
Drain dye

Line your baking tray with alfoil, so that the colouring doesn’t stain. But also just in case there is any liquid left you don’t want it to drip onto your counter or wherever your rice will dry. Use the back of the spoon to spread the rice out as thin as you can.
Spread dyed rice thinly onto baking sheet

Rinse out container and spoon and repeat with each colour of food colouring.

Allow the rice to dry over night, mine was dry in 2 hours but I live in QLD. Or if needed sooner, place in a very slow over (100*c) for 10 mins. The spread out again and put in the over for 10 more minutes.
Drying the dyed rice

Place in airtight container and use for craft as you please! Would be cute if you were allowed to throw rice at your wedding or as craft. Obviously don’t encourage the children it eat it!
Coloured Rice

The same method could be used for pasta, but drying time would be longer. I also wouldn’t suggest quick drying in the open as the pasta may split if in the oven.

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