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No Food Processor Bliss Balls

Bliss Balls
Bliss Balls

Out of not having a food processor necessity – I made this recipe. I still wanted to get onto the bliss ball bandwagon but I didn’t want to buy a food processor (I’m holding out for a thermomix!)
Anyway, I find these really do hit the spot when you need a sweet treat that is relatively healthy!
1 cup of dates chopped
1 cup of nuts or seeds chopped. I use raw cashews and chai seeds to fill the gaps of the cup
2 tablespoons of cocoa
1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil (optional)
1 tablespoon of protein powder (optional)
coconut to roll in

Bliss ball preparation
Bliss ball preparation

What you do
1. In a saucepan place the dates with 1/4 cup of water, place on medium heat until reach a slight boil. Allow to slow boil for a couple of minutes until soften. Take off heat and drain.
2. Allow to cool.
3. Add cocoa, protein powder and oil, mix in.
4. Add chopped nuts and seeds, stir in.
5. Allow to cool completely and roll into balls.
6. Store in fridge, makes 12 – 15 balls depending on size.
Don’t eat all at once, you will find that – that many dates are NOT your friend :-)
Great to be put in the freezer to snack on whenever you need them, once set put a couple in a zip lock bag and put them in your work freezer great for the 3pm snack!

Bliss Balls
Bliss Balls

no processor bliss balls

Gardening Triumph

Hi guys! I just wanted to share my tiny gardening triumph! For my birthday a couple of years ago my parents brought me a worm farm! Which my husband was somewhat freaked out about! And as the worms count as my only “pets” C-Man thinks that they are solely my responsibility. But I love these little guys! They are the best thing ever, we live in a tiny townhouse, with an even tinier backyard. But I have managed to grow some organic capsicum, thanks to my worm friends!

Organic Gardening
Where all their business gets done!

They live in a multilayer house where I add their food to the top tray and they eat through it and their, “waste” goes down into the bottom layers where it comes out through the tap. All these nutrients then go back into my garden!

When we brought our house it came with a big ugly pot with a dead tree in it…. Thanks! But as my husband calls our backyard – the wasteland, he was not interested in moving it or trying to improve it. So I embraced the ugly pot and that is where I pour all my extra worm “juice.” But it is also where I am growing my capsicum! Purely from my worm juice, this plant has sprouted and grown and now fruited!

"Fruits" of the worms labour
“Fruits” of the worms labour

I have had a few capsicum, and tomatoes all with no gardening, pesticides or love. I have put in a stake and tied the plants to the stake with fabric scraps, but that is where my involvement ends! Normally when the fruit gets to be 3 cms and one night the local possum comes and eats it. Then in a couple of months it re-sprouts, fruits, gets eaten by Mr Possum and the cycle begins. However after complaining about the possum to my mum, she told me to put wasabi paste around the top of my pot and the possum will stay away! And so far so good! This is by far the biggest my capsicum have ever grown before being eaten and now I also have some baby capsicums. Amazing – considering the space in my garden!

Baby capsicum protected by wasabi paste from the possums!

But beside the free plants and vegetables the reasons why love my worm farm.
All our fruit and veggie scraps go in there, beside onions and citrus.
It doesn’t smell! (If it does there is problem)
You don’t need to worry about them when you go holidays, just feed them up before you go.
I occasionally cover them with wet newspaper in the heat of summer to keep them cool.
They move up the levels when they have finished all the food on their level, so there isn’t much left behind.
The tap on the front makes it easy to empty out their “liquid gold.”
They will breed until they have no more room, and if you rave about your worm farm so much that your family go and buy one, you can give them half your worms and your worm farm will start breeding again to make full and work to full capacity!
And the best thing about my worms, and a fact that my nephews love the most is,
if you accidentally cut them in half, they grow back!

If you have a worm farm, do you love it as much as I do? I would love to know! xx

Inside my worm farm lid – mostly eaten waste.

The mostly eaten kitchen waste, some mango and avocado seeds not yet finished.
The mostly eaten kitchen waste, some mango and avocado seeds not yet finished.

A picture of my worms, they don’t like sunlight so when you open the lid, they all run for cover!

Worms don't like sunlight, so they were scurrying out of sight.
Worms don’t like sunlight, so they were scurrying out of sight.

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