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Our Adventure Awaits themed Nursery

Before we got pregnant we knew we wanted a blue nursery with clouds, it was set in stone. Planes for boys, hot air balloons for girls – Done! So that part was easy setting it up was the hard part – considering the planes and balloons we liked we saw in New Orleans…

This was our vision

boy nursery
Our baby boy adventure awaits nursery mood board

We had a lot of work to do to make it meet our vision, but we both are pretty happy with the end result, Paddy hasn’t really told us yet if he likes it! But all the other little people in our lives seem to think that he does!

We painted the room ourselves and CJ’s mum painted the clouds – you can see how she did that here

baby boy nursery
Paddy’s adventure themed room

Paddy grown so much he has started this week sleeping in his cot in his room! He no longer fits in the bassinet in our room, he is 8 weeks old so I had a good run (I did contemplate moving his cot into our room.) But Paddy loves his room so much he sleeps better in there, so there he will stay ;-(

adventure themed nursery
adventure themed nursery

Our cot, drawers and cubes are from IKEA

Our plane and hot air balloon are AUTHENTIC MODELS HERE

Map, cloud cushion, cloud light and aqua baskets are KMART

Dream big cushion is from TARGET

Artwork above change tables from big cousins <3

Paddy loves his cloud onesie
Paddy loves it when his onesie matches his walls!


The last 6 weeks

So 6 weeks ago on Friday something interesting happened – I had a Baby!!! So something more than interesting – amazing, beautiful, life changing. So i apologise if i have been off line.  Having a baby kind of trumps my little blog.  And I’m not going to lie having a new born isn’t easy!

Anyway introducing our beautiful Paddy

Paddy as a newborn
The day Paddy was born, back in our room

After being told he was a whopper and measuring 42 weeks at 34 weeks, he was only 6 pounds 13 ounces, or 3 kg.  But adorable, and now i just spend my days looking at him and feeding him and trying to make bargains with him about having a day time nap! (I may of already promised Disneyland!)

baby paddy
Paddy is our gift!

But he has been is worth all the pee, vomit and poo on me (which is daily) and then when he snuggles in like a little koala with that sweet baby smell and all is forgotten!  The last 6 weeks have been a blur, but it is totally with it, it just takes a while for the anxiety to calm down and you believe that you actually can take care of the littlest human you have ever seen that is totally dependant on you!

Paddy and his teddy
Paddy doing his ‘Blue Steel’

Baby Nursery Wall Mural DIY

For our “Adventure” themed nursery I have had a vision for a long time (long before I was pregnant) that I wanted a blue room with clouds.  It wasn’t until we went to New Orleans and found this store “A Simpler Time” that we both loved; CJ and I both agreed that we would have a nursery with sky and clouds and a if it was a boy vintage planes or if it was a girl hot air balloons.  So now that we are having a baby boy, enter the hunt for something similar in Australia!

So for a base we chose blue paint.  It is Valspar brand as this was the lowest VOC we could find.  We painted the two main walls in two coats of paint.  Done!

We then enlisted the help of CJ’s mum to help paint the clouds.  And by “help” I mean I told her what I wanted and I supervised while Cheryl got busy. We originally had bought a 500ml white, and 500ml grey paint, but really used 200ml tops of white.

First we measured the space that we wanted to write on to stay blank and then drew the cloud shapes on the wall with white chalk. Then Cheryl sponged on the clouds with a sea sponge, she said the most important part of this was keeping the sponge damp, don’t be heavy handed with the paint put it on a light as possible and layer it on.  (The sponge she used was a sea sponge from an art store – the kind they use for folk art in the 90’s – I was sceptical at first but the MIL was right!) This makes it easier for the clouds to look life like.  The paint is layered on to create the different shades of the cloud.  We bought grey paint to do the shading but didn’t use it as we both agreed that it worked fine without it, the blue underneath showed through enough to be the shading.

Once that was dry we moved onto the ‘Adventure Awaits’ wording.  I went to buy an OHT sheet from Officeworks but could only buy them in a 20 pack for $40 – so no.  So I started thinking what else I could you, really it just needs to be clear plastic.  I borrowed the OHT from school so I didn’t want to damage it, so I didn’t want to use a plastic sleeve, or anything too thin because I thought it may melt onto the screen.  I found a document protector, which was like a thick plastic sleeve at $2 for 1 – so perfect.

Once home, I pulled the document protector apart so I was only 1 layer of plastic thick.  I had free hand written ‘Adventure Awaits’ from some plain A4 paper.  Then using a thin sharpie I traced that onto the plastic.  I roughly coloured in the lettering so it would show better on the projector.  If you don’t have a projector to borrow check out how I have done this previously without a projector here

Quote copied onto the UHP sheet
Freehand quote from the paper copied onto the UHP sheet with a fine sharpie.

At night time I projected the saying onto the wall and traced them onto the wall with white chalk.  The white chalk worked well because it was so easy to clean off afterwards. The next day I painted the quote on with the white paint and fine white art paint brush. Once dry I went around the outside with a damp micro fibre cloth to clean any chalk off.   Done!

At night I projected the quote onto the wall and traced it out with white chalk
At night I projected the quote onto the wall and traced it out with white chalk


Quote projected onto the wall and then traced in white chalk.
Quote projected onto the wall and then traced in white chalk.
Painted Mural
Painted Mural
Penny helping me with the painting and looking adorable.
Penny helping me with the painting and looking adorable.
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