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Our Adventure Awaits themed Nursery

Before we got pregnant we knew we wanted a blue nursery with clouds, it was set in stone. Planes for boys, hot air balloons for girls – Done! So that part was easy setting it up was the hard part – considering the planes and balloons we liked we saw in New Orleans…

This was our vision

boy nursery
Our baby boy adventure awaits nursery mood board

We had a lot of work to do to make it meet our vision, but we both are pretty happy with the end result, Paddy hasn’t really told us yet if he likes it! But all the other little people in our lives seem to think that he does!

We painted the room ourselves and CJ’s mum painted the clouds – you can see how she did that here

baby boy nursery
Paddy’s adventure themed room

Paddy grown so much he has started this week sleeping in his cot in his room! He no longer fits in the bassinet in our room, he is 8 weeks old so I had a good run (I did contemplate moving his cot into our room.) But Paddy loves his room so much he sleeps better in there, so there he will stay ;-(

adventure themed nursery
adventure themed nursery

Our cot, drawers and cubes are from IKEA

Our plane and hot air balloon are AUTHENTIC MODELS HERE

Map, cloud cushion, cloud light and aqua baskets are KMART

Dream big cushion is from TARGET

Artwork above change tables from big cousins <3

Paddy loves his cloud onesie
Paddy loves it when his onesie matches his walls!


What do you do when you have the grumps?

Roald Dahl Quote

Yesterday afternoon I had a bad case of serious grumpy pants, serious.  There wasn’t one thing in particular that got me bothered it was a general case of “I have the shits with the world”  for no real good reason – and I knew it.  I was tired, cold, had a sore belly and just plain grumpy, and I really want to go to Vegas in our winter holidays to sit in the sun but that looks like a far off dream at the moment.  So just GRUMPYYYYY.  Then there was an accident on the highway so CJ was an hour later getting home.

So you can imagine how I was feeling by the time poor CJ came home!

Anyway we ate dinner straight away and in an effort for me not to inflict poor CJ with my grumpy’s I had a very long bath.  In that bath I also had a bowl of maltesers, so that helped ease the imaginary pain.  I then had a long had think to myself in the bath… I am very lucky, i have a baby in my belly (in case you haven’t heard :-)) and lovely husband and a job that pays the bills and sometimes I don’t hate.  So you know LUCKY…

So I stalked inspirational pinterest quotes to lift my spirits and it worked, somewhat.  This is what I found

Roald Dahl Quote
Life enthusiast quote

So I decided to become a Life Enthusiast, sometimes it is the small things that work for me. This helped, but by bed time my emotions had got the better of me. CJ tried to make me laugh, but someone had just died on the TV in a movie so that pushed my hormonal pregnant self over the edge – I then cried and laughed simultaneously for about 20 minutes.  That act of weirdness then pushed me over the edge of how funny it was and I went to sleep happy and content.

It worked for me this time but at this time of year I get grumpy pretty easily – I am not a winter lover…  So any tips of how you get rid of the grumps? I would love to know!

USA road trip

USA road trip

Our USA Vacation and Fabric – of course!

Grand Canyon
Grand Canyon from the southern rim
Road trip across the USA
Dawn at Monument Valley View Hotel

Recently my husband and I travelled to the United States. We had an amazing time, and didn’t want to come home. We drove across the country from Los Angeles to Miami. We saw some amazing places along the way! We started in Los Angeles but drove to Las Vegas as a starting point and were greeted with some freezing weather! We drove from Las Vegas to Zion National Park but we couldn’t get in because of the icy roads, so we crossed both Zion and Bryce Canyon off the list! So we drove back down to Vegas to stay the night again (lesson learnt – double check weather before we spend 9 hours driving to come back to the same place!) we then went through the south rim of the Grand Canyon and stayed in Monument Valley at Monument Valley View Hotel, which is the only hotel in Monument Valley. At -15 it was a tad fresh but worth it to wake up to this!

Monument valley sunrise
Our view from “the view hotel” monument valley

We then spent a couple of days driving to New Orleans, a city that I cannot speak of high enough! We LOVED it! Everyone is easy going, the city is beautiful and the FOOD is AMAZING! If you are going we visited EAT NOLA on our first night and joked we were going back every night after! thats how good it was! I had the Chicken Fried chicken and loved it, this place is a must do! http://eatnola.com/ We also did both a plantation house and a swamp tour which we loved, but the visit to Louisiana State Museum for the Katrina exhibit was just best thing we did, really makes you appreciate what an amazing city New Orleans is!

Oak Alley
Oak Alley Plantation House

From NOLA we drove to Memphis, we did a Sun studio tour and Graceland! We then drove through Atlanta to stop off at the Coke factory! Because that was a must do! From there we stayed in Savannah! WOW we always wanted to move to the USA and now I know exactly where I would live! I LOVED IT! It is a beautiful, stunning city and we had perfect weather while we were there!

Forsyth Park Fountain

While we stayed there we visited a fabric shop called Fabrika, if you are ever in Savannah and need a fabric fix this is the shop for you! It was gorgeous and I picked up some amazing flamingo fabric – which thrilled me even more! I love flamingos! I just now have to decide what to do with it! https://fabrikafinefabrics.wordpress.com/

From Savannah we drove to Orlando and did DisneyWorld which was massive day, we both agreed we are NOT taking our kids here! It was way too big, we got tired and grumpy – so DisneyLand will be our limit! We also did Kennedy Space Station, a bit of a drive out of Orlando but so worth it! And if you were planning to go with kids even more so! It was very interesting and their new exhibit Atlantis was amazing and very very hands on, so great if you had kids, you could spend half a day just there. We then went to Miami to relax for a couple of days! We drove through the everglades and saw lots of gators! And we even saw flamingos! My personal bird of choice! But the our highlight of the trip was seeing the Miami Heat play, I’m not into Basketball at all but the atmosphere there was awesome! It went into overtime and they WON! It was electric!

Gators in Everglades National Park
Flamingo Gardens

We spent our Christmas in New York and we even got a tiny bit of snow on boxing day while we were walking through Central Park! We lunched at the Loeb Boathouse, walked the High Line, saw the Knicks play, walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, hung out in central park and saw the funniest comedy show we had ever been to! And of course as we were staying in the fabric district, I hit the fabric shops (what a NERD!). I went to MOOD fabrics! http://www.moodfabrics.com/ WOW! I have never been more overwhelmed by a fabric shop, but in a good way! I had nothing in mind but still brought some awesome green printed cotton I thought would make a nice maxi dress. Mood is the shop that the contestants from Project Runway shop at. 3 levels of amazing! A must for a sewer visiting NYC! They also ship international, just in case you are wondering I asked while I was there :-)

USA road trip
The Brooklyn Bridge
The Alley Central Park NYC
The Alley Central Park
View of NYC from Highline
Street view from the Highline

From NYC we flew to Las Vegas to relax and see the New Year in. We saw Maroon 5 on NYE and then celebrated on the strip with 300,000 other people! Packed but it was worth it!

Then soon after we had settled in it was time to come home again! And now it feels like a distant memory, but I have a peanut butter cup addiction to comfort me! Still no white christmas, so I will have to plan another trip! xx

All these amazing photos are my talented husbands works, so please don’t steal them for your own personal use! He does sell prints if you are interested in any of these photos!

travel plans – the south of USA

18 months ago my husband and I went to the USA for the first time and fell in love!  We truly loved everything about it, and when we came home were devastated to come back to our boring lives! haha but we thought that I would be a while before we could go back to our new favourite place!  But for this Christmas I have managed by some stroke of luck to convince CJ take me back!  I know I am a lucky girl!

So with only 99 work days left until we leave, I thought I would share our ideas so far of our “trip of a lifetime” take 2! So this time we have decided to go through the South, thinking when we go back (we may have kidlets… eek) and so driving for hours and days may not be family friendly! This is our plan so far… We will drive from LA to Miami and them fly to NYC and from there to Las Vegas!

Our preposed trip, so far.  still 6 months left or 99 work days!
Our preposed trip, so far. still 6 months left or 99 work days!
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